Luxury Sports Car

European custom-made cars are true masterpieces of mechanics and design. Thanks to our passion for the world of high-level four-wheelers, we have created a luxury car rental service that goes far beyond the simple use of the vehicle. The goal is to give to our customers the absolute pleasure and the feeling of luxury that you can only experience it by getting on the edge of a real car.


Wonders of technology and style and probably the most famous cars in the world, Queen Luxury Travel will put on the table the key of your favorite Ferrari leaving you the pleasure of driving it!


Coupe, SUV, Spider… the German manufacturer produces some of the most desired and fastest sports cars in the world. Real myths on four wheels that have been populating the dreams of fans all over the world for years.


The exclusive Maserati world: luxury cars with an unmistakable design, personalized services tailored to the customer, passion for excellence and extreme attention to detail.


Fast more than any other, as attractive as a beautiful woman, a Lamborghini is Italian excellence in its state that transcends simple mechanics to become real motor art.


Imagine going on your holidays driving an Alfa Romeo spider or discovering the most beautiful places aboard a vintage car. One of those great little experiences which it can be really difficult to give up.
A real and elegant vintage car – perhaps driven by a livery driver – can also become the dream car with which you can reach your goals.

The truth is that vintage cars still retain all the charm and luxury of the past. Charm and Luxury of technique and aesthetics that are and will always be part of Italian history and style. That’s why you must go around experiencing Italy from the seat of your vintage car.


Info: – (+39) 320 04 62 461

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